Monday, April 13, 2009

Hitchcock and his Cohorts

While watching Psycho to comfort sickness tonight (don't ask me...), I got to thinking. I wanted my last undergrad film class to be a memorable and interesting one, and am extremely glad that the spring 09 schedule offered a Hitchcock class taught by an extremely well versed expert on the man, and, as a side note, just happens to have a well deserved inflated ego. I've never thought so deeply about a Hitchcock film prior to this semester, and how there are so many details that often go unnoticed by viewers. It's really a fun experience to dissect one of Hitch's films. Before taking this class, I've always loved Hitchcock's solid team of Bernard Hermann and Saul Bass: composer and title sequence artist. The films that come from this team are definitely my favorites of Hitch's oeuvre.

And did you know that in EVERY single one of Hitchcock's films, beginning in 1926, you can find a reference to birds? Interesting, isn't it?

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